I am a lesbian domme (duh) who can't get enough of using and abusing the bodies, the wallets, and the lives of pathetic subby girls to suit my own selfish & sadistic desires. No one special pet right now (can't find one obedient enough) but having a lot of fun with Ms. Wrong (esp. when she meets Ms. Whip).

In this tumblr I'll be posting NSFW images of slaves pleasing their owners...or the aftermath of disobedience as well as sharing some of my own sick musings and experiences. Enjoy!

3rd March 2012

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Fuckday Night :)

I made a girl I’ve been seeing take me to three different cafes and bars, where I indulged in super-fancy cocktails and she sipped lukewarm water. She drove & I berated her driving, how she looked in the ill-fitting clothes I had forced her to wear, etc. At our final destination, I made her go into the bathroom, pee in her underwear still, then leave them in the stall with a note that said “Please feel free to piss, spit, or otherwise deface these underpants.” After a few drinks I went & peed on them & made her put them back on. Then I made her lick the floor clean of any leftover piss & my Goddess heels, of course. An excellent night indeed, esp. after I let her brush her teeth & bring me to orgasm…over and over and over again.

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